The Story of Ritu Vig….

My mother Dr. Kuljeet Kaur Vig (1948-1996) was my true inspiration.

She was a renowned artist and also a professor in D.E.I University, Agra, India. My mother had double master’s and a Ph.D. degree. Her artwork and paintings adorn the walls of the University she worked for.

I used to watch my mother painting for hours. Each stroke my mother sketched was charismatic. Those priceless moments were the foundation of our artistic mindset. My elder sister (Richa Khanna) and I continue to paint and keep my mother’s memories alive. We learnt artwork in our formative years under the tutelage of our mother.

My sister’s two daughters are just like us, budding artists. They are learning the basic artwork from their mother…….. and the tradition goes on.

You can view this section on the website to see my mother’s paintings.

I paint on canvas, fabric, and glass.

My paintings were published in a couple of magazines. You can view the collection of my artwork in my portfolio.

I have created a separate section on the website to showcase my sister’s and both my niece’s portfolio.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me.